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Are your dogs tip tapping in your home? Do they need a comb over to help see where they are going? Are they slip sliding down your halls? Sounds like they need a SPAW DAY!! Get in touch and book a SPAW day for your special pup soon!


Meet our groomer!

Grooming By Sam J Russell

Hi there! My name is Sam J Russell and I've been grooming for over 8 years now. I started with home grooming my own jack russell x poodle mix; Merv, who was not the biggest fan of SPAW day and could be extremely "dancey" on the table (which isn't ideal to be honest). I was given an opportunity to attend a professional training course to learn how to groom and I've been grooming ever since!

I absolutely love my job and helping make dogs feel, look and smell their best! Through my years of grooming I have worked with some amazing little and large puppers; both who love, and truly dislike SPAW day. I work with all breeds and temperaments of dogs. I also perform nail trims, and brush outs on cats and small animals (i.e. rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets).

To see all the services I provide please visit our home page.

Sweet Hanna (Before & After)

Handsome Benji (Before& After)

Gunner was in disbelief after his Deshed!

Mr. Yunikon (Before & After)

Mr. Pickles (Before & After)

Is your pet a model?

YES! After all (or close to all) bath package spaw days, Sam J Russell tries to capture your pets in the best light...or you know capture them looking in the direction of the camera! Sam tries to post all "photoshoots" but it may not be in a timely manner or in chronological order. Photos are typically posted on Facebook and Instagram: russellsmobilegrooming. Some spaw days are chosen and are videoed and posted to Tik Tok, Facebook, and Instagram.

A few of our Models!

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